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The Tried and True Method for Buying Research Paper in Step by Step Detail

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The Beginning of the Ionian Revolt

The Ionian revolt (c. 499-c.493) led to the Persian Wars, which includes the famous battle depicted in the movie 300, the Battle of Thermopylae, and the battle that lent its name to a long race, the Battle of Marathon. The Ionian Revolt itself did not occur in a vacuum but was preceded by other tensions, notably trouble in Naxos. Possible reasons for the revolt of the Ionian Greeks (based on Manville): Anti-tyrant feeling.Having to pay tribute to the Persian king.The kings failure to understand the Greeks need for freedom.As response to an economic crisis in Asia Minor.Aristagoras hope to get out of his difficulties with Artaphrenes that were caused by the ill-fated Naxos Expedition.Histiaios hope to get out of his benign captivity at Susa. Characters in the Naxos Expedition The principal names to know in connection with this Herodotus-based introduction to the Ionian Revolt are those involved in the Naxos Expedition: Histiaios (Histiaeus), son of Lysagoras and the tyrant of Miletus (c.515–493 B.C.).Aristagoras (c.505–496 B.C.), son of Molpagoras, ambitious son-in-law, and deputy of Histaios.Artaphernes, satrap of Lydia, in western Asia Minor.Darius (r. c.521-486 B.C.), the Great King of Persia and half-brother of Artaphernes.Megabates, a cousin of Darius and Persian naval commander. Aristagoras of Miletus and the Naxos Expedition Naxos — the prosperous Cyclades island where the legendary Theseus abandoned Ariadne — was not yet under Persian control. The Naxians had driven out certain rich men, who had fled to Miletus but wished to go home. They asked Aristagoras for help. Aristagoras was the deputy tyrant of Miletus, the son-in-law of the proper tyrant, Histiaios, who had been rewarded Myrkinos for loyalty at the Danube Bridge in the Persian Great King Darius fight against the Scythians. He was  then asked by the king to come to Sardis, where he was brought to Susa by Darius. Megabates Betrays Artaphernes Aristagoras agreed to aid the exiles, and asked the satrap of western Asia, Artaphernes, for help. Artaphernes — with permission from Darius — gave Aristagoras a fleet of 200 ships under the command of a Persian named Megabates. Aristagoras and the Naxian exiles set sail with Megabates et al. They pretended to head to the Hellespont. At Chios, they stopped and waited for a favorable wind. Meanwhile, Megabates toured his ships. Finding one neglected, he ordered the commander punished. Aristagoras not only released the commander but reminded Megabates that Megabates was only second-in-command. As a result of this insult, Megabates betrayed the operation by informing the Naxians in advance of their arrival. This gave them time to prepare, so they were able to survive the Milesian-Persian fleet arrival and four-month siege. In the end, the defeated Persian-Milesians left, with the exiled Naxians installed in forts built around Naxos. Herodotus says Aristagoras feared Persian reprisal as a consequence of the defeat. Histiaios sent a slave — Aristagoras — with a secret message about the revolt hidden as a brand on his scalp. The revolt was Aristagoras next step. Aristagoras persuaded those he joined in a council that they should revolt. One hold-out was the logographer Hecataeus who thought the Persians too powerful. When Hecataeus couldnt persuade the council, he objected to the army-based plan, urging, instead, a naval approach. The Ionian Revolt With Aristagoras as leader of their revolutionary movement after his failed expedition against Naxos, Ionian cities deposed their pro-Persian Greek puppet tyrants, replacing them with a democratic government, and prepared for further revolt against the Persians. Since they required military help Aristagoras went across the Aegean to mainland Greece to ask for help. Aristagoras unsuccessfully petitioned Sparta for its army, but Athens and Eretria provided more appropriate naval support for the Ionian islands — as the logographer/historian Hecataeus had urged. Together the Greeks from Ionia and the mainland pillaged and burned most of Sardis, the capital of Lydia, but Artaphrenes successfully defended the citys citadel. Retreating to Ephesus, the Greek forces were beaten by the Persians. Byzantium, Caria, Caunus, and most of Cyprus joined in the Ionian revolt. Although the Greek forces were occasionally successful, as at Caria, the Persians were winning. Aristagoras left Miletus in the hands of Pythagoras and went to Myrkinos where he was killed by Thracians. Persuading Darius to let him leave by telling the Persian king that he would pacify Ionia, Histiaios left Susa, went to Sardis, and tried unsuccessfully to re-enter Miletus. A major sea battle at Lade resulted in the victory of the Persians and the defeat of the Ionians. Miletus fell. Histiaios was captured and executed by Artaphrenes who may have been jealous of Histiaios close relationship with Darius. Sources Herodotus Book VHerodotus Book VIAristagoras and Histiaios: The Leadership Struggle in the Ionian Revolt, by P. B. Manville; The Classical Quarterly, (1977), pp. 80-91.The Attack on Naxos: A Forgotten Cause of the Ionian Revolt, by Arthur Keaveney; The Classical Quarterly, (1988), pp. 76-81.Jona Lendering: Beginning of the Ionian Revolt; affairs in Greece (5.28-55)

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I Attended A Midsummer Night s Dream At Alley Theatre Essay

I attended A MidSummer Night’s Dream at Alley Theatre on 10/22/16. The play was written by William Shakespeare directed by Gregory Boyd and Dean R. Gladden. This play falls into the category of comedy, more specifically a romantic satirical comedy. You could even say its presentational, in the final scene during Bottom’s play a workman threw a plush dog into the audience and ran up to the person who caught it eager to get it back. This play was absolutely fantastic I enjoyed it far more than expected, A MidSummer Night’s Dream was mysterious,whimsical and humorous. I would see this play again in a heartbeat, I liked it because the set and props were so simple it really made the actors, costumes and story stand out. Prior to this play I had attended Hamlet in Houston but I was in elementary school. I don’t remember what the play was actually about but I remember liking it so you could say my first theatre going experience was a positive one. A couple of we eks ago I had taken a quiz to find out what Shakespeare play I would most enjoy and this is the one that came out. I typed it in only to find out that it s showing at Alley Theatre in Houston. I was curious going into this play I didn t quite know what to expect all I knew at this point was it was a comedy in the woods with fairies. But, wow I was completely blown away by the skill there people possess to make me feel like it was real life even though the play was clearly fictional, it was all so natural and real.

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Enlightenment and Racism free essay sample

A study of the literary works of two authors, with the emphasis of illustrating how the Enlightenment did not resolve the problems of racism. This paper analyzes some of the writings of Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope. The writer illustrates how these authors represent the height of learning and literary achievement in this era, yet they express views on race and racial divisions that we would not consider enlightened today. Racial divisions have occurred throughout history, just as other cultural and ethnic differences have caused dissension, conflict, and war. The Enlightenment is name given to the period in European history when writing and thought in general was characterized by an emphasis on experience and reason. This meant there was a mistrust of religion and traditional authority, and one result was the gradual emergence of the ideals of liberal, secular, democratic societies. The Enlightenment is associated with a materialist view of human beings, an optimism about human progress through education, and a general utilitarian approach to society and ethics. We will write a custom essay sample on Enlightenment and Racism or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were part of the Enlightenment in Europe, but the fact that this was an age of the application of reason did not mean that even the most educated were enlightened about the subject of race.

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Social Exchange Theory Essay Example

Social Exchange Theory Paper Similarity is rewarding, according to Rubin (1973), because: agreement is likely to provide the opportunity for partners to engage in joint activity; we assume those with similar views to ourselves will like us, so like them in return; communication is easier if we agree on things that matter to us; if our partner agrees with us, this boosts our self esteem about our own oppinions; we are vain enough to believe that those who share our views are sensitive and praise-worthy. Similarity exists between these two theories in that they both discuss rewards and investment. They both state that relationships require significant investment on the part of both partners for it to work and thus both say that a relationship is likely to fail if one person feels as though they are giving more to the relationship than they are receiving out of it. Thibaut and Kelley, 1978, criticise both theories for failing to account for the complexity of relationships. They say that not all social interactions reflect a mutual desire for equity and fair exchange and that partners motives may clash. This can produce effects such as altruism, competition, capitulation and aggression. This is discussed in their Interdependence Theory, which considers the intersubjective harmony or conflict between two people in their values, motives and attitudes. The main difference between the two theories is that Social Exchange Theory is concerned with the exchange of rewards between the two partners and the perceived difference between what one partner gives to the other and vice versa. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Exchange Theory specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Social Exchange Theory specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Social Exchange Theory specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer This does not tend to happen. People surely are not always noting whether their partner owes them for something. Whereas Reward Theory is concerned with how each partner perceives to be receiving rewards in comparison with the level of effort they are putting into the relationship as a whole. The latter theory therefore makes allowance for the idea of synergy, that it is possible for both people to benefit from the relationship to a greater extent than they are putting effort in. I. e.  if both people put effort into the relationship, the rewards are greater than the sum of the effort of both. This tends to happen, so seems legitimate. Another similarity between the two theories is that they are both concerned with peoples cognitions i. e. what people think about the quality of the relationship and with peoples emotions i. e. whether they are satisfied emotionally in the relationship. It would be possible for theories to have a sociobiological slant or some kind of neurological slant, but these definitely do not. Another similarity is that they view people as fundamentally selfish, and are both theoretically limited in this sense. For example, neither take into account whether people might stay together for any ethical reason like for the sake of a child. They assume that people only think about themselves, and it is almost as if the two people are not in love at all. If they were in love, you would think that they would want to help their partner, rather than only doing so in expectation of a reward.

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Calligraphy essays

Calligraphy essays In the world today, there are lots of religion around. Besides it, comes with different languages and different interpretations. All the different interpretations are achieve with the help of writings that are present in each individual religion. But have you ever wonder how important are this writings to the world? Are they just writings? Or are they something else? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But to me, they are a symbol of the past. Something that teaches us about the past. One example is Arabic script. Arabic script, one of the oldest script present till today, is a form of calligraphy script of the Quran. Originally known as the North Arabic Script, it is said to be related to the Nabatian script, which was present in the Aramaic script. Its similar graphic representation and the way the letters are connected, are very similar to Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus and the Apostles in the 2nd millennium B. C. It is with the spread of Islam that Arabic eventually becomes the calligraphy script of the Quran and it is also known that some non-Arab countries adapt it as their writing language. There are two types of calligraphy styles present, the dry and soft cursive styles. The dry styles are known as Kufic, while the soft cursive one include Naskhi, Thuluth, Nastaliq and many others. It is widely known that the transformation of the Arabic Alphabet into Arabic art form actually began in the 7th century, which also marked the rise of Islam. The main reason was that Arabic calligraphy, with its distinctive shapes and sizes of letters, and power, which are present in the cultural values of the Muslim world. The aesthetic spirit in it also helps to distinguish it from the non- ...

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Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 16

Annotated Bibliography Example The author is an associate professor of history at Hamilton College with a vast of experience on the experiences of black-American soldiers at the hand of the white majority, despite their efforts in the war. Being well-researched for from a wide scope of scholarly materials, the book deeply covers financial and racial discrimination visited upon the black soldiers. It is a good historical on racial discrimination against black soldiers during the civil war. The author is a senior partner in the Washington, D.C., law firm Covington & Burling, and has published carefully documented articles on the experiences of black American soldiers during the Civil War for more than thirty years.  These articles cover a broad spectrum of discriminatory nature of white soldiers and white societies against black veterans during the civil war. A profile of the author of this book reveals that he has authored many books on civil war and has a deep sense of knowledge about the experiences of black soldiers during the civil war. The book also helps us understand the various discriminatory practices that the black soldiers had to endure like substandard medical care. The book is well written and the author has extensively researched for the book. It is recommendable to history students and I expect to learn more about the predicaments of African-American soldiers during the civil war. The author is an expert in history and is a professor of History at Princeton University, and a leading historian on civil war. The book also clearly presents the humiliating experiences the black soldiers went through in the hands of white colleagues and from their white superiors. The author has drawn his references from contemporary journalism, books, speeches and letters. The book contains reputable information that helps the reader to vividly understand the discriminatory environment the Black-American soldiers lived in. The author is an amateur scholar